Uppercase Magazine, Issue 26, Summer 2015: Postage Portraits featured


Collage from Maps 

Postage Stamp Collage



I make art from items that were created for some other purpose, now isolated from their original function and given a new, more unique role and a life beyond what was initially intended. It's not about repurposing or recycling, but about seeing everyday things in a different way; using two or more elements and making them better for being together.  And by using different items from different sources I combine their individual histories, and in doing so create a new collective history.

My art is about secrets - both wanting to share them and needing to keep them hidden.  A way to express parts of myself that otherwise go unseen.  A chance to hint at hidden truths. The Postage Portraits characters can be viewed as either hiding their true selves beneath a mask, or finally letting their real personalities shine beyond their conventional magazine faces.  Through the female figures in the map pictures I am able to express my femininity (without having to wear lipstick or a dress!).


Robertson is a self-taught artist. She was born and raised in Wales, in the UK, and moved to America in her late 20s, living in California for 7 years before settling on Cape Cod in 1999.  She is drawn especially to maps for many reasons: "they are beautiful to look at, they represent areas lived in and places still to visit, and I have incredibly fond memories of learning to map read as a very small child.  I loved spending time in the car, with me being in charge of navigating our way home.  I clearly remember being excited to predict that there would be a river, or a T-junction, or a hospital a mile ahead, and being thrilled when it was actually there.  Now, as an adult, maps give me a physical and emotional connection to a time and place left behind, and the reassurance that it might be returned to in the future.


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